Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DLP Technology ?

It is Digital Light Processing display device based on optical micro-electro-mechanical technology that uses a digital micromirror device. It was originally developed in 1987 by Dr. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments.

What is basic difference between Lumens & Ansi lumens ?

1. “Lumen” is the basic measure of luminous flux (the observed power or strength of light).
2. ANSI lumen is measuring lumen as stipulated by the ANSI standardization. Thus, it is more specific and accurate for determining the brightness of the projector.
3. ANSI lumens have been observed as one of the values or units to look at in most of today’s modern projectors especially if you are buying one.

How to take care of the projector due to over heating issues ?

In India, It is found out that internal parts got overheated and melted due to improper ventilation, here Dust is the real problem. Hence a preventive maintenance is required to give better performance and durability life to the Device. We recommend preventive maintenance once a year. Our Service partner are instructed to remind you about the same, when it is due.

What about the product brand valuation ?

The product is manufactured with international quality standards with all relevant certification (CE, FCC, RohS) available. Also the manufacturer has patented the product and trademark to safeguard the product design.

What is mean by Replacement Warranty ?

If the device is not functioning due to manufacturing defects (either Software or Hardware), the device is fully replaced with a new device.

Why K1 - DLP LED 3D projector is better quality and best competitive price ?

The Manufacturer has more than 10years history.It always acts as the leading role in the led projector field.
Besides, Manufacturer has All in one Setup with design, R&D, Production, Besides,for almost of main parts is produced by the manufacturer.That can help customers to control more better cost.
Finally, for QC checking, except the worker will check one by one when they are doing it.After that, it will checked by QC department again.Double check can assure the quality of goods well.

Where can I use the Mini Projector ?

Projector can be placed near any flat surface, preferably a wall or ceiling.

Is the brightness of 300 Lumen enough ?

K1 has 300 ANSI lumens, it is much brighter than the other LED projectors.

How long can the projector run before it overheats ?

K1 uses an LED Bulb that has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. Its fan works efficiently and quietly, and has no danger of overheating.

How large is the projection area when I place K1 (9metre) from the wall ?

The throw ratio of K1 is 1.2:1 (distance: width). At a distance of 9metre your screen will be 300 inches.

Is the projector noisy ?

The Projector requires less intensive cooling than traditional lamp projectors. The noise is below 30dB, making the fan operation very faint.

Can the projector model transfer files through the USB port ?

Yes, you can transfer the files through USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. The projector supports MP4, AVI, MKV, 3D, 2K and Blu Ray video formats. It also supports photos, Microsoft Office files and Android APK.

Can the projector be paired with different devices (e.g iOS, Windows and Android) ?

The projector can be wirelessly connected to devices using:
-Wifi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, Miracast, Airplay.

Can the projector support game console ?

K1 can be connected to any video game console (PS4, Xbox, and so on) that supports HDMI visual display.

Can I install applications to the Projector ?

Yes, you can install any android app.

Does the Projector support 3D displays ?

The projector is equipped with an active-shutter 3D imaging technology.

What is keystone correction, and how does it work ?

Keystone correction gives the projector a higher range of motion. The projector can project rectangular images from any angle. The keystone correction prevents the output image from being skewed. The Projector is equipped with a ±40 degree vertical keystone correction (up and down)

What are the projection mode ?

Forward, backward and hang ceiling projection modes.